Is There a Monster In Your Email Marketing?

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Is There a Monster In Your Email Marketing?

Bounce rates, spam reports and low open rates can be enough to scare the most seasoned marketing pro. Follow our list of tips to keep your email marketing – from spooking your own customers.


Email Marketing List Vampires


Beware of the list Vampire, they will drain your list of quality leads and make sure you don’t get anywhere.  Your email success depends on the quality of your list so this is a crucial step. List Vampires will tempt you with purchased lists or no opt-in emails. This is bad practice, will reduce the open rate of your email blasts and increase the likelihood to be reported as a spammer (potentially becoming banned by the email provider you’re using). Instead, follow these best practices:

  • Collect email addresses at your office or place of business
    • Ask every customer if they’d like to receive your newsletter
    • Request customer email with your POS
    • Create email signup cards to use as bill stuffers or table toppers
    • Use a fishbowl to collect business cards and do a drawing at the end of each month for a prize
  • Collect on Social Media
    • Ask your followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to sign up by providing a link to your signup form
    • Share your latest newsletter on social media to show the great content
    • Share teasers about your upcoming newsletters
  • On your website
    • Have a sign up form prominently displayed on your homepage?
    • Collect email addresses from online purchases
  • Networking
    • Include a link to your latest newsletter in your email signature
    • Bring a signup sheet to any networking event like craft shows, open houses, etc.
    • Use a QR code to instantly signup people to your list


In any situation, always make sure that people are aware that they are signing up for your email blast to ensure the quality of your list.



The Mobile Monster

Did you know that 46% of all emails are opened on a mobile phone? Chances are high that your email blast is being opened on a mobile device, so make sure it doesn’t show it’s ugly side! Mobile-friendly eblasts should:

  • Use a single-column layout
  • Less is more, focus on your content not images
  • Create an easy call-to-action feature
  • No small fonts! (11 pt or larger)
  • Be easy on the eyes, choose subtle colors like a light background with dark text


Content Zombies

Once you’ve made it past the inbox and subject line, make sure that the content zombies don’t massacre your success. Value your customers’ time and send them content they will be interested in – or you’ll see your open rate go down and opt-outs go up. Here are some content ideas that will keep you safe:

  • Share last-minute availability, opportunities and sales at a bargain
  • Share updates about your space like renovations, new features, new menu items or new guest reviews and photos
  • Share upcoming events you are holding or relevant events in your community
  • Announce specials and specials related to holidays and seasons
  • Share helpful tips and advice related to your industry
  • Share trends and ideas related to your industry
  • Include latest blog posts
  • Announce the latest news about your company, including new employees and promotions.


Remember, don’t trick-or-treat your email subscribers – they should be getting treats every time they open an email from you.